A Strong Engaged Community Through Social Innovation

Q. What is the Champion Morinville Foundation (CMF)?
A. A board funded by Champion Pet Foods in Morinville to foster social innovation in and around Morinville.

Q. Why is Champion and the board volunteering money and time?
A. Simple. We love Morinville and this is a great way of showing it.

Q. How does the CMF work?
A. Easy. Submit a proposal and wait to hear if you get a chance to appear in front of the CMF Board at a “pitch party”.

Q. What is a “pitch party”?
A. Individuals and/or groups are invited to pitch their ideas to the board in a fun and fast-paced meeting.

Q. How much time do I get to pitch my idea?
A. 5 minutes max!

Q. What can I bring to present to the board?
A. No restrictions other than a pitch has to be safe, respectful and FUN! You can dance, sing, write a poem, present an idea via story, draw a picture… You get the idea. Just come up with a creative idea!

Q. Can I use a PowerPoint?
A. Well I guess but have you ever experienced a fun and exciting PowerPoint? If you do need multimedia, keep in mind that you must bring this with you and you get 5 minutes which includes setting up so use your time wisely.

Q. What happens if I don’t get invited to a “pitch party”?
A. Your idea wasn’t selected. Try again!

Q. Who can I contact to ask questions about not being selected to pitch my idea?
A. We don’t have any staff. Keep trying and read the FAQ again.

Q. Give me some sample ideas.
A. Nope. Sorry. We don’t want to limit ideas with samples and suggestions. CMF is as open and flexible as we can make it for a reason!

Q. What are the age limitations?
A. There aren’t any. You can be 3 years old or 103. All we ask is that minors bring a legal guardian to help them manage the money they get.

Q. How much money can my idea be eligible for?
A. Up to $1000. Time to come up with a great idea!

Q. How many winners for each of the “pitch parties”?
A. It depends. There might be 1… or 2… or 3… Maybe 4 if there are some great ideas presented.

Q. How does the board decide on the winners?
A. We use 4 categories to determine the winners: Innovation, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Community Engagement and Social Responsibility.

Q. Who sits on the board?
A. The board is chaired by Thomas Holmes. Other members of the board have been selected for their community involvement and volunteerism. Check the website to see a list of our Board.

Q. I asked for $1000 and only got $250. What’s up?
A. Free money is what’s up. The board decides how much an applicant gets based on the budget, your idea, and the other ideas that are presented.

Q. What strings are attached to any money I might receive?
A. All we ask is a few pictures and maybe an email of how things went. If you have a story about the project, please share it with us. We may post it to the website and it may even get in the local news. Email good news to championmorinvillefoundation@gmail.com.

Q. Can I use that email to ask questions?
A. We have no staff so please read the FAQ and get thinking about a great ideas. We are keeping this as simple as possible.

Q. How do I apply?
A. Submit a proposal using the website. Fill out the application form and press submit. GOOD LUCK!